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Communism didn’t end with the Cold War….

Unfortunately, communism did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Under the Chinese Communist Party, communism is making a comeback with devastating results and must be opposed.

China’s communist rulers are on the march. According to Chinese Communist Party supreme leader Xi Jinping, the world will soon be under the domination of China’s anti-democratic communist system.

Domestically, Marxist radicals of the 1960s long ago shifted tactics and began their own Chinese-style Long March through the institutions of America. Over the ensuing decades, Marxists infiltrated all segments of society and are seeking nothing less than the ideological takeover of the country.

To meet these twin challenges, a new podcast called Victory Over Communism with Bill Gertz was launched in April 2022 by veteran national security journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bill Gertz.


April 3, 2024

China’s Communist Party recently began publishing its official Marxist-Leninist theoretical journal online. This first episode of Season 3 is based on the latest edition of Quishi, the Marxist-Leninist journal, and reveals Xi Jinping’s plan for replacing the U.S.-led international order based on freedom and democracy with Beijing’s brand of communism called Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics. The counterproposal portion urges adopting a God-centered worldview based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. Theses ideas can reshape the world into a truly ideal society, nation and world, something communism will never achieve. The news section hears from former CCP insider Cia Xia who provides a unique perspective on Xi Jinping’s drive to impose communism on China and the world. My interview for this episode is with Thomas Cromwell, author of the book The Triumph of Good: Divine Providence, The Cain-Abel Paradigm and the End of Marxism. Must listening!

March 14, 2024

The Chinese Communist Party is working within the United States to weaken and ultimately destroy the only nation that stands in the way of  Beijing’s strategic goal of achieving global hegemony. The counterproposal section addresses the urgent need to return to and promote America’s Judeo-Christian values that are under assault by Marxists. This is the key to countering communism. The news portion tells how Congress for the first time launched a major investigation into Chinese influence and infiltration activities targeting both the U.S. government and the entire American society. The interview portion concludes with portions of a speech to Hillsdale College by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. A must-listen to episode!

February 24, 2024

One of the most important VOC podcasts, this episode examines in detail the ideological and strategic characteristics of Chinese communism and how Beijing is seeking nothing less than world domination under Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics. The counterproposal debunks the Marxist myth of humanity as mere animals and highlights the truth of the spiritual nature of men and women. The news section provides an excellent analysis of how China’s ruler Xi Jinping is seeking to infuse Confucianism into his brand of communism, a doomed attempt considering Marxism’s atheism and hatred of religion. My interview is with Miles Yu, director of the Hudson Institute China Center and the most knowledgeable American on the subject of Chinese communist ideology.




The Victory Over Communism podcast is a project of The Gertz File Investigative Reporting Project, launched in November 2020. The project conducts major investigative and in-depth reporting on a range of national security and international affairs topics.

Each hour-long podcast takes on the ideology of Chinese communism, also known as Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics, by exposing its fallacies and the deadly consequences of Chinese Communist Party rule in China since 1949. 

Closer to home, the podcast also tackles the problem of  American Marxism, a different ideology from its Chinese variant that has been quietly and effectively advancing radical policies and culture that the podcast will reveal has been undermining traditional American ideas of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

The podcast is not limited to simply critiquing communism and Marxism. Significantly, the biweekly programs also present a unique faith-based counterproposal that applies Judeo-Christian principles to exposing communism’s false ideas. This, ultimately, is the most effective way to defeat these destructive ideologies.

In addition to the critique and counterproposal format, the hour-long podcast features news, commentary, and interviews with thought leaders. New programs are posted every two weeks.

Victory Over Communism is divided into four segments: A critique of Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics or American Marxism, followed by a reasoned and in-depth critique of the fundamental tenets and activities of these ideologies.

The last two segments feature the latest news and commentary based on Gertz’s decades of experience as a Washington reporter and his unmatched stable of news sources.

Last, the podcast will interview a key newsmaker or thought leader on the topics of the podcast.

The overall objective of the podcast is to educate the public in the United States and the world about the series of threats to freedom and democracy posed by communist ideology and its offshoots. Anti-communism throughout the years has been laudable in its efforts but has been unable to counter the religious-like spread of communism. It is the central tenet of the podcast that the best way to confront and defeat a communist ideology with a reasoned and rational faith-based counterproposal that will provide hope for overcoming the world’s problems and seeking to build a better world through education and activities.

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