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Communism didn’t end with the Cold War….

Unfortunately, communism did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Under the Chinese Communist Party, communism is making a comeback with devastating results and must be opposed.

China’s communist rulers are on the march. According to Chinese Communist Party supreme leader Xi Jinping, the world will soon be under the domination of China’s anti-democratic communist system.

Domestically, Marxist radicals of the 1960s long ago shifted tactics and began their own Chinese-style Long March through the institutions of America. Over the ensuing decades, Marxists infiltrated all segments of society and are seeking nothing less than the ideological takeover of the country.

To meet these twin challenges, a new podcast called Victory Over Communism with Bill Gertz was launched in April 2022 by veteran national security journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bill Gertz.


May 23, 2024

U.S. intelligence obtained new details of subversion and political warfare operations in the United States by China’s Ministry of Public Security, the political police and intelligence service of the Chinese Communist Party. An MPS defector for the first time provided direct evidence of MPS operations aimed at sowing social divisions in America through anonymized Facebook posts. Targets included the 2022 elections, the origin of the Covid virus, attempts to whip up racial divisions by exploiting the George Floyd death anniversary, and other nefarious activities. The details are contained an FBI document submitted in federal court. The counterproposal examines the most important way to counter communism and Marxism through a God-centered worldview. The news portion reveals how Marxists are covertly attempting to take over the Democratic Party. The interview portion is with China expert Kerry Gershaneck, author of the book Political Warfare. Must listening! Must listening!

May 8, 2024

This episode examines what I will call the non-kinetic threat posed by Chinese communism. That is, the diabolical nature of the anti-human theory and practice of Chinese Marxism-Leninism and how the current leadership in communist China is seeking to reimpose high-technology Maoist tyranny worldwide. The counterproposal section continues with a general overview of the VOC worldview that seeks to explain through Judeo-Christian principles where communist ideology is false — such as the nature of people as both spiritual and physical beings. The news portion looks at a recent I wrote article on the Chinese military’s secret development of marine toxins, and my interview is with Steven Mosher, a great China expert on his new book — The Devil and Communist China. Must listening!

April 26, 2024

This episode examines Critical Race Theory as the new face of Marxism in the United States. This destructive ideology was modified from its past variants by adding distinctly American features. First, CRT embraces the Marxist philosophy of resentment and hatred of religion but now filters it through the lens of racism. Second, American Marxists embrace CRT as an adaptation of failed Soviet communist ideology through what is called post-modernism, or neo-Marxism. This was done by updating the ideology to the ways of the 21st Century while seeking to explain away the failures of 20th-century Marxism. The counterproposal section further expounds on the VOC worldview by revealing a new understanding of fundamental Judeo-Christian principles. The news section looks at how woke ideology is tearing the fabric of American society. My interview is with David Burgess, an expert on Critical Theory who has developed WICC — woke ideology critique and counterproposal — that calls for a renewed American Revolution.




The Victory Over Communism podcast is a project of The Gertz File Investigative Reporting Project, launched in November 2020. The project conducts major investigative and in-depth reporting on a range of national security and international affairs topics.

Each hour-long podcast takes on the ideology of Chinese communism, also known as Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics, by exposing its fallacies and the deadly consequences of Chinese Communist Party rule in China since 1949. 

Closer to home, the podcast also tackles the problem of  American Marxism, a different ideology from its Chinese variant that has been quietly and effectively advancing radical policies and culture that the podcast will reveal has been undermining traditional American ideas of freedom, liberty, and democracy.

The podcast is not limited to simply critiquing communism and Marxism. Significantly, the biweekly programs also present a unique faith-based counterproposal that applies Judeo-Christian principles to exposing communism’s false ideas. This, ultimately, is the most effective way to defeat these destructive ideologies.

In addition to the critique and counterproposal format, the hour-long podcast features news, commentary, and interviews with thought leaders. New programs are posted every two weeks.

Victory Over Communism is divided into four segments: A critique of Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics or American Marxism, followed by a reasoned and in-depth critique of the fundamental tenets and activities of these ideologies.

The last two segments feature the latest news and commentary based on Gertz’s decades of experience as a Washington reporter and his unmatched stable of news sources.

Last, the podcast will interview a key newsmaker or thought leader on the topics of the podcast.

The overall objective of the podcast is to educate the public in the United States and the world about the series of threats to freedom and democracy posed by communist ideology and its offshoots. Anti-communism throughout the years has been laudable in its efforts but has been unable to counter the religious-like spread of communism. It is the central tenet of the podcast that the best way to confront and defeat a communist ideology with a reasoned and rational faith-based counterproposal that will provide hope for overcoming the world’s problems and seeking to build a better world through education and activities.

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